Apel de parteneriat primit de la Europe Direct Reggio Emilia, Italia - programul JUST/2014/SPOB/AG/VICT (Daphne)

Madre Teresa is a social cooperative working on the Reggio Emilia territory since 2001. It has always been working having as its own main goal to defend life, with special attention to women and children. Women and children often affected by social disadvantages: they are the weak link in a social chain based on work and consequently on money.
Madre Teresa coop. has been helping since 2001 more than 420 women and 380 children, offering them a home and a new life.
Madre Teresa coop. indeed opened six care-homes for Italian or foreign mothers with one or more children, all of them in the area of Reggio Emilia: two «first-welcome homes», three «partial autonomy- homes» and one «pregnancy-home». 

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The two «first-welcome houses» are in Rivalta and Cogruzzo (two small villages around Reggio Emilia): each care-home houses about ten families units (for family unit we consider a mother with one or more children) indicated by territorial Social Services as homeless and requiring the presence of an educator 24-hours-a day. Mothers, helped by psychologists and educators, work on their personality and their genitoriality, so to create a better familiar contest for their children. Children go to primary schools or nurseries and have frequent contacts with volunteers, offering an important relational support. After this grow-path, lasting a maximum time of two years, mothers and children can enter a «partial-autonomy home»: generally these houses are smaller and allow mothers to practise what they learned previously about their children. An educator is in the house only some hours a day and follows the projects without interfering (or interfering as little as possible). The educator checks day by day if this family unit can walk alone in life: when it is considered ready (reports are issued periodically), the family unit can leave our care-homes.
A new house has recently been opened : it is a « pregnancy home », able to house future mothers with social and economic difficulties, pregnant women that can take advantage by the stay with women in similar circumstances and with an educator, following them day by day.
Madre Teresa has recently developed projects to facilitate the integration into employment for disadvantaged women (“Mani in pasta” in the area of typical pasta manufacture and “Filo Rosa” in the area of creative stitchery) and educational projects for voluntary families to support our care-homes for women (“A family for another family”).
The project “Mani in pasta” was financed by Unicredit Foundation, after being selected by the Bocconi University of Milan: among many calls for proposal coming from all over Italy, it was the first winner and it received an additional award from the jury.
Madre Teresa involves today about twenty-six educators, some psychologists, a secretary, an administration and a fund raising department and a network of volunteers (about 50 persons + about 15 families). Moreover it works in connection with local Social Services, Reggio Emilia Health’s Centre and Vocational Training Services in Reggio Emilia.
Madre Teresa Coop’s Board of Director has recently decided to experience also an international context, with special attention to European countries.
Exchange of experiences and good practices with partners having similar mission and the chance of taking part to an international network, can be an important instrument for giving new impetus to the efforts of Madre Teresa Coop. in the assistance of disadvantaged women with children and a way for achieving new results in the battle against violence, neglect, abuse and intolerance.

For contact and information:
Madre Teresa Coop. Soc.
Phone: + 39 0522 272108
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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