Apel pentru parteneri din Franta - 2.3 proiecte ale OSC, programul Europa pentru cetățeni

Apel pentru parteneri din Franta - 2.3 proiecte ale OSC, programul Europa pentru cetățeni
Ligue de l’Enseignement - o federație departamentală din Paris ce reunește cca 500 de asociații socioculturale și sportive, caută parteneri pentru un proiect pe Măsura 2.3.Scopul proiectului este promovarea rolului tinerilor voluntari.
În tabelul de mai jos găsiți toate detaliile: descrierea federației, ideea de proiect, datele de contact.
Posibilii aplicanţi interesaţi de parteneriat (asociații implicate în educație, interesate de cetățenia europeană, tineret, cultură și societățile multiculturale) sunt rugaţi să contacteze direct persoana indicată.

Partner search form

Programme ”Europe for citizens”

Identification de l’organisation candidate

Name of the organization

Ligue de l’Enseignement - Fédération départementale de Paris (association)


167 boulevard de la Villette

75010 Paris


Telephone number / Fax

0033 1 80 05 27 41

Name of the contact person

Christine Maretheu

E-mail/Telephone of the contact person

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Brief description of the organization (activities and experience)

The «Fédération de Paris de la Ligue de l’enseignement» is a non profit organization founded in 1967. The Ligue takes its inspiration from a non-religious idealism and contributes to its influence. The organisation defends rights to freedom of conscience, thought and expression, social justice, essential rules of democracy and the desire of peace between people.

The « Fédération de Paris de la Ligue de l’enseignement » brings about 500 sociocultural and sports associations together which represents around 60.000 members.

This organisation supports public schools in different areas such as education and culture. The ambition of our movement is to stand by individuals in order to improve their emancipation. To achieve this result, we find it essential to support life-long learning and to claim the importance of art and culture in our society.

Popular education is relevant for a great number of citizens. For that reason, it makes it possible for those citizens to act for their future and makes them conscious of the importance of their choices.

Our organisatio has more than 600 employees. It manages 14 youth services and information desks (Points Information Jeunesse), 20 youth community centers (Centres d’animation) et 1 youth area (Espace Jeunes) for the city of Paris.


Description of the project

Strand of interest

Strand 2, 2.3 “Civil society projects”

 and particularly the following themes

-        European citizenship, awareness and democracy;

-        Youth participation, employment and policy;

-        Entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurship education

Project timetable and application deadline

From November 2015 to May 2016

Brief presentation of the project and its objectives

Our project aims at promoting the role of young volunteers (i.e. under civic service or EVS status).


We want to include them in an already existing project publicizing and supporting youth participation in civil society, called the “General Assembly of Youth Participation” (the French acronym for “Etats Généraux de la Participation des Jeunes”, EGPJ).

This Assembly is a major event enabling all youth projects at the local Parisian scale to be identified and largely publicized. The Paris Federation of the Ligue de l’Enseignement will set up an operation starting in November 2015 and ending with a presentation of labelled projects on 30th, May 2016. Promoting involvement of young people and highlighting various youth projects (in their neighborhood, their school, their association, from the civic service volunteering to collaborative project, from local associative involvement to solidarity international project) will make this event a great expression space for youth involvement.


This project will also include mobility between European and French young volunteers, so as for them to discover new ways of involvement, in particular Europe-related projects.


The ultimate goal of the project is to seize this opportunity, on the one hand, to develop a European section for this General Assembly, and on the other hand, to make our young volunteers participate actively in the organization of such an event. This experience will hopefully develop their professional skills regarding transnational project management. Other young people will also be invited: Junior Associations’ young volunteers or young people involved in their high school life.




The three steps to develop a European section of the EGPJ are the following: 


First step: the young volunteers will collect all youth projects developed in their territory (local and regional scale).


Second step: linking young volunteers working at the Ligue de l’Enseignement’s Paris Federation and those working in our other partner organizations. Have them share their findings.


Third step: a restitution will be held on Saturday 30th, May 2016, during the General Assembly of Youth Participation in Paris. All young volunteers will be invited to take part in this event.


By the end of the project, the young volunteers will have bolstered their employability stills (project management, communication tools –media, new technologies…).

Role of the partner organization in the project

We have been cooperating with European recreation and cultural associations for a long time. We have the same conception of youth volounteering and the same concerns about youth participation and employment. Moreover we share a same point of view on citizenship and commitment. One of our goals for that project is to gather youth initiatives from different EU countries up and to share them with all our partners.

Concretely, each partner organization will have to:

-        Welcome a number of volunteers within its team (to be defined precisely with each partner);

-        Support and train them so that they can identify innovative projects lead by the youth on the partner’s territory.

Type(s) of partner targeted

All organisations or associations involved in popular education, interested in EU citizenship, youth, culture and a multicultural society.

 Sursă: Punctul Europa pentru cetățeni

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