Apel pentru parteneri - Măsura 2.2 Rețele de orașe, program Europa pentru cetățeni

Apel pentru parteneri - Măsura 2.2 Rețele de orașe, program Europa pentru cetățeni

Orașul Kalajoki (Finlanda) caută parteneri pentru un proiect la Măsura 2.2 Rețele de orașe, depus la termenul limită din 1 martie 2016. Ideea proiectului este dezvoltarea rurală prin incluziune, integrare și internaționalizare.

În tabelul de mai jos găsiți detalii despre organizație, persoana de contact și o mini-descriere a proiectului.

Sursă: Punctul Europa pentru cetățeni

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​Name of the organisation ​Kalajoki municipality
​Registered address (street, city, country)
​Kalajoki, 85100, Finland
​Telephone / Fax
​Contact person​William O'Gorman

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

​Short presentation of the organisation (key
activities, experience)

​Kalajoen municipality is situated in the North of
Finland and is home to Finland's most popular summer tourism destination. The municipality is eager to extend its international activities and to take part in international projects to help develop the town, local community and employees in the public office.
General overview related to Kalajoki.
1-Events anchored in the social, economical and political reality of the European Union. This could be good for Kalajoki.
2-Solidarity in times of crisis.
3-Combating stigmatization of immigrants and  building counter narratives to foster intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding.
Project idea:
Rural development, inclusion, integration and internationalisation
Developing communities through internationalisation and integration activities.
​Description of the project
​Strand 2: Democratic engagement and civic participation
2.2 Network of towns
​Description of project​The concept for the project was developed as a result of a contact seminar held in Vilnius from the 14th to 16th of October 2015. During the seminar it was possible for potential partners to meet and discuss issues which they felt were and would be impacting on their institutions in the near future and to which a common project was needed to best analyse and share experiences.
The project will deal with specific issues related to the integration of members (best word?) into our respective communities. The project will aim to
provide citizens the opportunity and support structure to interact and participate in key events that will be tailored to share best practices and experiences related to the overall internationalisation of communities. By doing so the project will also aim to foster a strong sense of European identity and ownership and enhance mutual understanding between members.  

The three topics -internationalisation, integration and inclusion - will form the foundation for the project with members from local communities being brought together to share and exchange experiences, opinions and values related to the topics. The project will aim to create a platform where participants
will work on themes related to the topics through the use of 5 (depends on partners) seminars each hosted by one partner. The seminars will provide an
avenue for participants to debate, learn and discuss on the main topics of the project while also encouraging interaction between members of the participating nations. These seminars will be developed in such a way so as to create a meaningful and productive workspace where planned tasks, workshops and activities will result in collected information that will then be used to produce a "3i guidebook". This can then be disseminated to other communities in Europe who are also facing issues relating to the internationalisation, integration and inclusion of members into their communities.
Project idea: 3i
Rural development, inclusion, integration and internationalisation
Developing communities through internationalisation and integration activities.
Developing town services to meet the needs of new people in the community,
both foreign and national. This will focus on the interaction and exchange of
best practices between civil servants in partner countries.  
to provide local communities the platform to take part in inclusion
activities to create greater levels of diversification and inclusivity.
Development of services to benefit economically and socially from the
increased interaction and involvement of new community members (immigrants,
refugees, asylum seekers).
Target groups:
Civil servants/front line services  (circa 5 from each country)
Close NGO's operative personnel 3-5  (such as Red Cross, Village Associations
and other rural associations such as 4H and Nuorisoseurat in Finland)
Associations or different cultural groups (such as Central-Finland's
African Association) when applicable, 1-5.
Preparatory meeting, 1 meeting
Planning meetings within the seminars
Each partner will host a seminar which will be based on the use of workshops on certain subjects. Each partner will have a specific subject so for
example, Kalajoki would deal with intercultural communication. Topics will be deiced once other partners have been identified but could deal with subjects such as;internationalisation of (town) services, integration in our community.
In the time between seminars each community will undertake an analysis of the current state, related to the theme, and methods to improve issues will be
found in the workshops in the seminars.  
Integration community guidebook made up from results of the seminars and the specific topics for each.The workshops and activities held during the seminars will product the information needed to make the guidebook.
​Comments for the applicants​We have partners from Finland, Latvia, Lithuania
and Estonia.
We are looking for more partners to take part and are open to any ideas relating to the main project themes.
If you are interested or want to learn more then please email Mr William O'Gorman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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