Propunere de proiect din Finlanda Măsura 2.3 proiecte ale OSC - program Europa pentru cetățeni

Propunere de proiect din Finlanda Măsura 2.3 proiecte ale OSC - program Europa pentru cetățeni

O organizație neguvernamentală din Finlanda – Maailma Tutuksi ry / Get to Know the World Association – caută parteneri pentru un proiect cu titlul "Football – a way of life" ce va fi depus la Măsura 2.3 Proiecte ale societății civile a programului Europa pentru cetățeni, la următorul termen limită din 1 martie 2016.

În tabelul de mai jos găsiți detalii privind proiectul și persoana de contact.

Sursă: Punctul Europa pentru cetățeni

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Name of the organisation 

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Maailma Tutuksi ry – Get to Know the World Assoc. 

Maailma Tutuksi ry P.O. Box 814 00101 Helsinki Finland +358 50 436 80 60

Paul Lwoff This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Get to know the World Assoc. (Maailma Tutuksi ry) contributes through "Mare Balticum – Mare Nostrum" initiative to the shaping of European policies addressing societal challenges by promoting networking and stimulating debate on current issues among civil society organisations and citizens from Baltic Sea states and Mediterranean countries. The Association designs, supervises and coordinates cross-cultural and inter-generational projects in line with European agendas. This is done by adopting a comparative research methodology (i.e. surveys) focusing on the analysis of attitudes and values of the target groups, particularly on socio-cultural, economic and environmental issues. 

Strand: Strand 2 Democratic Engagement and civic participation

Measure: 2.3 Civil society projects

Aim: Supporting the youth activities and promoting mutual understanding among youth in different social and cultural environment and establishing partnerships 

Spring 2016

Implementing a Football – a way of life project It includes a comparative survey and an international workshop on values, attitudes and future expectations of young football players in Europe and investigating similarities and differentness towards "Racism, Integration and Tolerance" among the players.

The project includes networking enabling reciprocal visits of young football players from different European countries (to be implemented via participating football teams). This way it provides young player a unique chance not only to improve their skills, but also to get to appreciate cultural diversity.

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