Apel primit de la Europe Direct Valletta, Malta - programul Erasmus+

Zejtun Primary School ‘A’ in Mala would like to find partners to collaborate in a project under the framework of Erasmus - Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices.

I would appreciate it if you can circulate this information  to your contacts and  if you have any feedback contact Elaine on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The school intends to involve all their children from Kindergarten to Year 3 (3-8 years old) in the project. The teachers are keen to develop new approaches to learning among the children and explore new methodologies of teaching. They also want to learn more about the education systems and pedagogical methods of other European countries and thus develop their own professional skills

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Aplicații deschise în cadrul programului Europa pentru cetățeni

Agenţia Executivă pentru Educaţie, Audiovizual şi Cultură a postat pe pagina sa informațiile și documentele necesare pentru depunerea de proiecte la următorul termen limită din 2 martie 2015. La acest termen se pot depune proiecte la Componenta 1 Memorie istorică europeană și la Componenta 2 Implicare democratică și participare civică, măsura 2.1 Înfrățirea orașelormăsura 2.2 Rețele de orașe și măsura 2.3 Proiecte ale societății civile.

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Apel de parteneri primit de la Europe Direct Stara Zagora, Bulgaria - program Erasmus+

Vocational High School of woodworking and construction „Tzar Ivan Asen II” 
in Haskovo, Bulgaria is established as a modern and prefered educational institution where students are given competitive professional training.
We teach students in the following subjects: Programming, Constuction and architecture, Furniture making, Property, Forestry.
Our school has been working successfully on European projects for 15 years.

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Apel de parteneri primit de la Europe Direct Bari-Italia - program dedicat IMM-urilor

We are an Italian company active in the field of energy efficiency since roughly 20 years. We develop technologies and technical interventions that aim to saving and sustainable resources of the families, companies and public bodies. One and half year ago we decided to extend this mission with the development of TASTE&GO. 

Taste&Go works specifically in the tourism sector, related mainly to sustainable tourism with cycle tours, focused on the cultural, heritage, wine-and-food and rural side.

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Apel primit de la Europe Direct Gozo, Malta - programul Erasmus+

Mnarja Folk Dancing group from Nadur, Gozo, (island dependency of the Republic of Malta) are looking for folk dancing partners in other European countries willing to participate in a European-funded project to exchange and share our rich and diverse culture in folk dancing and in so doing assisting to propagate the said culture among young people.

Objectives of the project:

· To reconnect with our roots, understand our culture and in so doing, preserve and retain our identity

· To liaise with and teach other European partners about traditional folklore dance, so ensuring its propagation and longevity 

· To instill within the youth the willingness to continue and pass on our knowledge of folk dancing for generations to come, to promote traditional dancing in secondary schools to 

· Instill in the younger generation a willingness to join folk groups and keep traditions alive

· To possibly create enough awareness that traditional dancing may also be considered as an extra-curricular activity at secondary school level 

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